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The Dawn Brancheau Foundation is grateful for all who choose to organize a community service project in honor of Dawn. If interested in starting your own project, please provide your name, phone number, and project details and a representative from The Dawn Brancheau Foundation will contact you to discuss your project. HSMSE JSA Central Park Service Project Dawn's Foundation was happy to supply the "uniforms" for HSMSE JSA's Central Park Community Service Project! We would like to thank Erin McKinney for representing The Foundation and organizing a group of HSMSE JSA students whose task was a woodland restoration in Central Park's North Woods. We are grateful for the 28 students who worked in the park for 2 days, got their hands dirty, and helped restore Central Park's woodland ecosystem. We are glad the students were able to beautify and maintain the park for others while getting a little closer to nature in the process. We are proud of the inspiration Dawn was to Erin and the difference Erin's project has made for 
the students and the park!
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